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The Easyone solution delivers and integrates comprehensive Customer Relationship Management, Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Production Planning, Resource Planning, Purchasing and more.

We have rewritten the book on business software through the introduction of our 4 screen user interface: People, Items, Actions and Results.

Easyone is showing up at ETRE
EasyOne at ETRE: a short overview

Unique extensible business software as a service, web 2.0 compliant, specificaly designed for Small and Medium Enterprises.

As a small business, service company or small manufacturer with 5 to 300 employees you need a specific designed software solution that’s operational in days, not months. You need a practical, easy-to-use solution to help you keep pace technologically without blowing your budget. And, you need a path to the world of integrated business systems without the complex and confusing software that drains your time and cash. You need Easyone - an affordable application solution that can speak the language of your industry and help you, and your team, get the job done fast. At Easyone, we’ve made your small business our first and only priority.



The Easyone Business Management Solution

The Easyone product suite includes 4sales Easyone™, General Easyone™ and Manufacturing Easyone™ -- three seamlessly integrated modules that deliver Customer Relationship Management, Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, Supply Chian Management, Inventory Management, Production Planning, and Resource Planning.

Our successful integration means that an Easyone user can quickly and easily move from task to task using the same friendly user interface. Every aspect of our solution is easy to use, easy to tailor, and easy to maintain because all of our products employ our revolutionary 4-screen user-interface: People, Items, Actions and Results™. Visit our Solution section to learn more.

Software Designed For Your Industry

At Easyone, we've taken our Easyone capabilities and tailored them to align with the needs of your industry. Easyone Vertical Portfolios are delivered to your desktop pre-configured with industry-specific information. We currently have pre-configured verticals available for Plastics Manufacturing, Commercial Printing, Transportation and Warehousing and we're adding more all the time. Visit our Solution section to learn more.

Flexible Implementation: Turnkey, Internet or Intranet

In addition to our vertical portfolios we also offer complete turnkey versions, Easyone Standard Distribution, Easyone Standard Manufacturing without bills of material and Easyone Standard Manufacturing with bills of material. The Easyone solution goes well beyond traditional CRM and ERP software to offer our applications deployed locally on your network or hosted in data center which you can access over the Internet from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. We combine our small business software with the power of the Internet, dramatically reducing your IT burden. Visit our FAQs page to learn more about Software as a Service computing and the Easyone solution.

Easyone Compliments Existing Accounting

The majority of small businesses today use an accounting system suited for their business (e.g., QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS 90, etc.). Many of those companies require a more complete business solution to include the operational side of their business but are happy with their current accounting system. At Easyone, we encourage you to stay with your current accounting system if it's doing the job for you. With Easyone complimenting your current accounting system, you can instantly improve communications throughout the plant, cut lead-times on customer fulfillment, control the introduction of process changes, and improve profitability.

Partnership and Lead Pass Opportunities

We're always interested in adding to our growing list of top-flight Partners. Visit our Partners section for complete details.

We also offer one of the best lead pass programs in the industry. If you're an independent business-person then our Lead Pass Program can deliver a distinct advantage for your customers and additional income for you.